Cleaning Tips and Tools

Steamdry Carpet Cleaning

Its normal to have a couple of stains on your carpetespecially if you have kids in your home or have pets running aroundSteamDry Carpet Cleaning is a highly established and reliable businessable to provide fivestar carpet cleaning services at the most affordable prices.
Although we do recommend vacuuming on a regular basisthis will only clean the surface of the carpetWe focus on delivering the best and most effective carpet cleaning solutionsusing only the safest and most advanced methods to guarantee the wellbeing of our clients and workers is never placed in harms way.
Our experienced team of carpet cleaners has been in the industry for a number of yearsproviding exceptional assistance to many residential and commercial locations that require some help bringing their carpet back to its original formWhether your carpet is whitenavy, or brownour machine uses hot water to thoroughly clean the carpeteliminating all of the dust and dirt that the carpet tends to accumulate. You’ll be shocked at the number of bacteria that can be found in carpetswhich is why having a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year is so crucial.
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Our developed company is able to provide a broad range of services at budgetfriendly rates by removing stainscleaning rugsend of lease cleaning, and moreTodaycontact SteamDry Carpet Cleaning for further information.

Cleaning Tips and Tools

Household Cleaning Products

Ever gone and stood in the household cleaning products aisle in your local supermarket? The sheer quantity of all the different products that are available these days is astounding.

So how do you pick which ones will do the job in your house? Do you read the labels to see what the manufacturer claims the product will do?

Do you check what the chemical ingredients are?

Or do you just look for the cheapest option?

Believe me, sometimes the cheapest option can be the most expensive!

A cheap cleaning product is expensive if:

It doesn’t do the job you bought it for,

It doesn’t do the job very well and needs to be done more than once, or

You need to use twice as much (or more) than you would with another product to get the job done.

Kitchen Cleaning Products

In the kitchen, every surface and appliance needs to be cleaned, and in that supermarket, you will find a different product for each and every one.

You will find surface cleaners, spray, and wipes, floor cleaners, oven cleaners, glass cleaners, ceramic tile cleaners, mold removers, cleaners with a disinfectant in them, creme cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, dishwasher cleaners, fridge cleaners, and deodorants, drain cleaners and more.

If you were to buy just one of every type of kitchen cleaner you would be too broke to buy or build the extra cupboard you would need to store them all!

So how do you know which household cleaning products your really need?

Bathroom Cleaning Products

In your bathroom, you probably have a shower alcove, a bath, a toilet, mirrors, and a bathroom cupboard (not to mention the floor and the walls) that will need to be cleaned regularly.

In the bathroom I find that is not necessarily the particular cleaning products that you use that make a difference in how easy or difficult the cleaning job is, it is how you use them but more about that later!

Laundry Cleaning Products

The choice of laundry cleaning product you buy will depend on the particular laundry task (washing wool, removing stains, cleaning the laundry, ironing, etc) and the tools you are using to do it.

For example, do you wash by hand or is your washing machine a top-loader or a front loader?

Do any of your family members have sensitive skin or are they particularly hard (messy) on their clothes?

If you are washing a mechanic’s work clothes you are going to need a different product than if you were washing your delicates!

Upholstery Cleaning Products

Cleaning your upholstery can be tricky depending on the design of your furniture and what the covers are made of.

Carpet Cleaning Products

For carpets, you will find spot cleaners, shampoos, dry shampoos, and deodorants. Some are more effective than others.

Window and Glass Cleaning Products

Hands up to anyone who actually likes cleaning windows!

If you have got your hand up, I have got a ton of windows here that you can clean anytime you like…

Cleaning Tips and Tools

How to Wash Clothes

Learning how to wash clothes is an important step if you ever want to be really independent.

Taking the washing home to mum is all well and good, but believe me, once you and all of your siblings have left home, it won’t be long before your mother finds new and more exciting ways to spend her time!

Collecting and Sorting Your Laundry

Before you get started to check through the house or apartment and find all of the items that need to be washed.

This will include any dirty clothes, bed sheets, bath towels, hand towels, tea towels etc.

Don’t forget to check under the bed and inside your shoes (a couple of my kids had a bad habit of putting their dirty socks inside their shoes!)

Once you have gathered up all the washing, you need to sort them into piles. Each pile will be a separate load (particularly if you are machine washing). Most of your items should fit into one of these categories:

  1. Lights and whites
  2. Delicates
  3. Towels
  4. Brights and colours

If you are not sure which pile to put an item in, check the label on the garment. It should give you an idea of which method of washing you should use for that particular item.

Washing by Hand

You might find that the best way to wash woollens or delicates is by hand. The instructions on how to wash wool can also be used for washing your delicates by hand.

Washing in a Machine

Each pile should be a separate load in your washing machine.

If you are not sure which cycle to use for a particular load, see if you can find the booklet that came with the washing machine. Most manufacturers will provide a guide as to which cycle is the most appropriate for different types of loads.

Some of the major manufacturers include a guide on how to wash clothes in their machines, so it is well worth a look.

You can check online for a copy of the washing machines manual if you can’t find your copy – it is amazing what you can find online these days!

Some how to wash clothes ‘don’ts’:

Don’t wash your towels and sheets together, unless you don’t mind fluff all over your sheets and you don’t mind ironing them!

Don’t wash new brightly coloured items with lights or whites, unless you don’t mind your white business shirt coming out of the wash a motley pink (or blue or green) colour!

Don’t wash wool garment or delicates in with the rest of the wash, unless you like your wool jumpers with a felted look and your delicates with lovely holes or tears in them!

Don’t overload the machine. You want enough room in the machine for the clothing to agitate properly if you want the clothes to come out cleaner than when they went in!

Drying Your Clothes

If at all possible, dry your laundry outside in the sun particularly if you have used a laundry detergent or soaker that has an oxygenated bleach.

The sunlight activates the bleach and as a result, your laundry will come off the clothesline cleaner and fresher than they would if you just threw them in the dryer.

If you are worried about your laundry feeling stiff when they come off the clothesline (can happen with towels and other cotton or linen items) you can fix this by finishing them off in the dryer for 10 minutes or so.

Last Step – Fold and Put Away

The last step in how to wash clothes is to fold your laundry and to put it all away. I find it is best to do this as your garments come out of the dryer or off the line. If you leave them in the laundry basket, they will become crinkled and in all likelihood, they will require ironing.

For those items that are going to need to be ironed anyway (although why you would buy garments that need ironing in the first place is a good question to ask yourself), put them on a hanger until you can get the iron out. Hanging them will help to reduce the amount of crinkling and creases that you have to deal with.

Cleaning Tips and Tools

How to Clean Laminate Flooring

If you have laminate flooring in your house, it is important that you understand how to clean laminate flooring correctly.

Laminate flooring is a cheaper alternative to hardwood flooring, and they are attractive and reasonably hardwearing. This type of flooring can be laid over most surfaces and as the boards just clip together just about anyone can lay them themselves.

But (and there is a but) although laminate floors are relatively easy to clean, over mopping these floors can cause the boards to warp and buckle.

If you are cleaning a room with laminate flooring, make cleaning the floor your last chore.

If you are dusting or cleaning counters you are probably going to knock small dust particles and other debris onto the floor as you work, so if you don’t want to clean the floor twice it pays to leave them until you have done everything else.

Cleaning Laminate Flooring – Step by Step Instructions

Get out your trusty soft-bristled broom and thoroughly sweep your laminate flooring.

I have a long-handled dustpan that I use to collect all of the dust and debris after sweeping, it saves me from having to get down on my hands and knees. Although to be honest it is the getting back up that presents the real problem these days!

Your broom will remove all of the larger particles and stir up the ones that are too small to be collected by the broom. So it pays to run over your laminate flooring with a dry cloth sweeper as well (similar to the one in the photo above).

Now you are ready to spot clean the floor.

The easiest way to clean your laminate flooring is to mix up your cleaning solution and some water in a spray bottle.

Read the instructions on your bottle of cleaner to make sure that you get the concentration right, too much cleaner and it will difficult to remove from the floor, not enough and your solution will not be as effective in removing the marks on your floor.

I recommend that you clean your floor in small sections, trying to do the whole floor at once will only make the job harder.

Lightly spray the solution directly onto the floor. Do so sparingly though, you do not want to saturate the floor, you just need a light covering.

Now you can either use a damp towel (you will need to get down to floor level again – ouch!) or a microfibre wet sweeper or wet and dry Swish Mop to wipe the cleaning solution over the floor.

Providing you haven’t overdone it with the spray bottle, your floor (or the section that you are working on) should be as good as new. But if the floor is still wet you can go over it with a dry clean towel to remove any excess liquids.

Cleaning Tips and Tools

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Flooring Looking Good

Hardwood flooring has become very popular for homeowners due to its quality look and its timeless charm. It gives you more than laminate flooring, carpet and vinyl put together and although the initial outlay is greater, it can add to the value of the home and last as long as the house it is in.

It also ages beautifully with time. So if you have had hardwood flooring installed in your home or office, what is the best way to look after and clean it? Here we give you our top tips for maintaining your hardwood flooring and keeping it in tip-top

1) Regularly brush your hardwood floor with a soft bristle brush to keep it free of debris.

2) Vacuum clean with a soft brush attachment to avoid scratching the floor. This will keep any gaps free of dust and dirt.

3) Never wear high heeled shoes or hard-soled shoes on hardwood flooring because this will cause scratching.

4) High traffic areas such as entrances to rooms and turning areas should have a protector in place such as a rug with nonslip backing. This way you will reduce uneven wear on your flooring.

5) Always remove water spills straight away as water is very bad news with regards to wooden flooring.

6) Place soft furniture pads under the legs of sofas and chairs to prevent scratches and dents.

7) Use only recommended manufacturers products on your flooring to ensure against any unwanted damage which can at times be un-repairable.

As you can see the daily and weekly maintenance of hardwood flooring is minimal and with some careful thought, you can keep your flooring looking great for years to come. Just remember that as years go by wood will change color and age, this is just the beauty of a natural product and should be something that you should never try and get rid of.

Hardwood flooring gives any home a luxurious feel, whether you have a country cottage or a city apartment, it really does work with traditional and contemporary homes alike.

With a little care and attention, hardwood flooring will easily last the lifetime of the building. Wooden Flooring is normally very high on the priority list of home buyers looking for a quality finish, so by installing them you are increasing your house value and appeal, something that every homeowner wants.