How To Make More Solid Hardwood Flooring By Doing Less

Solid hardwood floors bring warmth and charm to their surroundings and have been the floor of choice for centuriesThe most popular hardwoods chosen for flooring are white oakred oakmaple, and ash and come in solid pieces of either prefinished or unfinished wood and in a range of widths and thicknessesHowevergenerally speaking, solid wood floors can be sanded back and refinished over generations and even centuries so that they always look beautiful and inviting.

These wood floorings come in three grades which do not refer to the quality but to appearanceThe first grade (clearis for wood without defectsThe second grade (selectis for timber with only minor differences in color and minimal imperfectionsThe third (commonrefers to timber that has variations in colorThe cost of solid wood flooring is directly related to these grades and the hardwood species were chosen.

Despite their elegance and durable qualitiessolid wood floors are not without their problemsThey expand and contract with changes in humidityThereforeit is important that installers leave an extension gap between the floor and the wall to compensate for the movement in the woodIt is also essential that the wood has been acclimated before being laid downAs well as being sensitive to humiditysolid hardwood floors are also affected by moistureBecause of thisit is not advisable to install them below ground level or to lay them on a concrete slabthey must be nailed downIt is important to ask a lot of questions of potential installers to get a good idea of their skills and approachTalk to a range of different suppliers and installers in order to get a sense of their approach and commitment to quality.

Neverthelessif you live in a humid environment or your flooring is likely to be exposed to moisture on a regular basisperhaps you should consider engineered wood flooring instead of installing a solid wooHow To Make More Solid Hardwood Flooring By Doing Less floorThe reason for this is that engineered wood flooring is made to handle both humidity and moisture without expanding or contractingIt can also be laid on concrete slabs.

If you have an environment suited to solid wood flooringyou are in a wonderful position to enjoy natural beauty in your own homeHardwood flooring is a healthyeasier to care for alternative to carpeting and can be freshened up over generationsNo wonder it is the flooring of choice for countless people across the globe.


Why is Cork Flooring Considered Eco-Friendly?

You’ve undoubtedly heard that cork is a commodity that is environmentally friendlybut you do not know whyI’ll just go through some of the attributes that make cork “green” quickly with this message.

First of allcork is a resource that is renewableA renewable resource is something that can be replaced at a rate equal to or faster than the rate of human consumption by natural processesThe way cork is harvested is due to this renewability.

The bark of the cork oak tree actually makes up the corkWithout damaging them in some waythe bark is removed from these treesIn factextracting a cork from these oak trees actually promotes growth in the treethus increasing the quantity of oxygen it providesInitially, the bark is harvested when the tree is 25 years oldHarvesting happens every nine years after thatThis can go on for a long time because cork oak trees are typically over 150 years oldBefore being certified as renewablethere are plenty of other criteria that a resource must fulfillIn the case of flooringit must satisfy strict air quality requirements once builtOftendue to how valuable its natural properties areit must be largely recyclablewhich is very true of cork.

The one fact that is sometimes lost in this debate is in my viewthe advantages that cork can have in your homeWhen you buy cork flooringyou’re not sacrificing anything in the way of quality or price. If you have an environment suited to Cork flooringyou are in a wonderful position to enjoy natural beauty in your own home. Cork flooring is a healthyeasier to care for alternative to carpeting and can be freshened up over generationsNo wonder it is the flooring of choice for countless people across the globeCork is immune to the fungusmoisture, and termites naturallyall things known to devastate hardwood flooringIt also offers floors that are safe and warm to walk onCork is a great green flooring choice for your home and I hope you’ll take a look at some of the available items.


FloorMall Continues to Add New Content to their Networks

Flooring is one of the most important parts of any houseA new set of flooring has the ability to change the entire look and feel of your homeIt can also greatly increase the value of your homeWith such a large purchase there are a lot of things to considerThere are literally thousands of different flooring options to choose fromOne of the best ways to combat such a daunting task is to educate yourself on all of the variables available to youIn more recent timesit is prefinished in a factory and comes with a polyurethane finish that has added aluminum oxidealthough some companies prefer to use titanium dioxide or some other oxides instead.

This is why FloorMall has taken the time to develop a giant network of sites and other resourcesconstructed specifically for providing our consumers with information so they can make educated flooring purchasesThe flooring experts at FloorMall maintain outstanding blogs such as Flooring Nowwhich tracks trends in the flooring industryThe flooring industry is massive and there are new developments and products on almost a daily basisThis is why FloorMalls network of blogs and informational sites are constantly updated.

FloorMall provides more than just information on different flooring products and trendsThey also provide information on flooring manufacturersIt is very important to become acquainted with the company youre purchasing flooring fromIts important to know about their business practices and their history so you can determine whether or not youd like to try their productFor information on flooring manufacturers, you can visit FloorSupplier.comHere youll get insights into dozens of different flooring companies.
FloorMall encourages everyone to visit their site and the rest of their network for up to date information on nearly every conceivable aspect of flooring.

Now that you have a few more facts about hardwood flooring typesyou can better determine which type is more suited to your particular needsYou can see samples of both types at either your local hardware or flooring storewhere you can also receive help and directions on how to do it should you wish to install it yourself.


Installing Hardwood Floors – Want Some Tips?

With the leaps and bounds in technology, it is now easier than ever before to install hardwood floors. Two of the more popular emerging technologies for this task include glued down strips as well as floating strip flooring. Either of these offer an excellent choice for the installation of engineered hardwood flooring. Glued down strip flooring is often considered a superior investment for the price.

This type of flooring is surprisingly easy to install. This flooring consists of a top layer that is actually made of wood and multiple layers beneath that are made of softer woods. The reason for this is that the layers of softwood are less likely to expand and contract as a result of humidity, which will increase the resistance to warping and swelling during your floor’s lifetime. This particular type of flooring, while popular in Europe, has only recently gained notice in America.

Floating flooring is another popular type of hardwood flooring. This particular type of flooring uses a locking system for installation. This flooring comes in strips that are designed with a top layer that is made of hardwood and a less expensive wooden backing. The hardwood layers on this particular type of flooring will fluctuate between .5 mm and 2.5 mm thick. As a result of the thinness of the wooden layer, this type of flooring is often referred to as a veneer.

It is also generally too thin to sand or stain. The thicker hardwoods can be sanded and finished at least one time but the vast majority cannot. These floors are both rather simple to install as the pieces come in strips that fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Your job is to snap the pieces into place and lay them on top of the subflooring. The floors have a special design that allows the boards to create a special type of surface tension.

This tension allows them to support an amazing amount of weight without breaking. Another bonus to this type of flooring is the ease at which it can be cleaned. There are a few things you should consider before installing either of these flooring types. First, both flooring types are sold as both multi-strips or wide plank boards. A multi-strip board combines hardwood with softwood backing while the wide plank boards are one solid piece of hardwood and often much more rustic in appearance.

They also tend to have beveled edges rather than the smooth square edges known to provide smoother seems. When you choose the types of floors you want to install, make sure that you are aware and comfortable with the procedure for installing the floors you’ve chosen. Berryloc and Uniclic offer some of the sturdiest interlocking flooring systems.

If the price is a deciding factor skip the sanding and staining and select floors that offer attractive elegant veneers. Some of the more beautiful veneers include Mahogany, Wenge, Bamboo, and Zebrano. The attractiveness of these hardwoods makes them an excellent choice for floors.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is a different kind of floor covering material as compared to normal wood and vinyl flooring. When installed, it looks like other real materials. It is made up of ingredients that are obtained by recycling waste material. To increase their beauty, natural materials are also used to give them a real look. Some laminate coverings look like wood and others look like stone or marble. They come in a variety of designs and color schemes. There are a few features that make them a better option.

Color Schemes:

Laminates are available in different colors. These are available in bigger sizes as compared to hardwood. Every design that can be implemented using hardwood or granite is available in laminate material. Durability:
Laminates are very good moisture resistant as well as fade resistant. They are made up of different layers in which the bottom layer is normally a resistant material. In topmost layers, aluminum oxides are used to make it wear-resistant.

They are not natural materials. They are made up of materials that mimic real ones. Unlike natural materials, their shades and colors are not on the upper surface. Their colors are on the second layer. So they don’t come in direct contact with people or sunlight. This increases its durability. That is why these can be installed everywhere. Even at high traffic places like shopping malls and stores, they work fine.


The cleaning process for this material is very easy. They stay longer in your home and you don’t have to care about anything. It is recommended to read the cleaning instructions before using any chemical on them. If some portion or piece is damaged, it is easy to replace it with a new one.


The most amazing thing is its price. You can visit the market and compare their prices with normal hardwood and bamboo coverings. They have a very low price as compared to all other materials. This makes sense because they are made of synthesized materials. Environment


For hardwood flooring we need woods, so we have to cut trees. On the other hand, in laminates, we are using waste materials that are most environmentally friendly.