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Things That Will Change the Way You Approach Using Bed Linen

As much as the idea of sleeping in the most comfortable bedding is appealing, only a handful are ever interested in learning more about bed linens. The reality is that most of us couldn’t care less about bed linen information.
Having said that I have, however, realized the need to share a few facts about this topic. After all the sole reason why this blog exists is to provide useful information that will help my readers in making the right decisions in life. This is why I have decided to write this article – despite the sentiment about the topic.
First, you need to understand that bed linen is made from different materials. There isn’t just one that cut across the board. This essentially means as a buyer you need to know the different options that you have before making the purchase decision. For instance, cotton fabric is the most popular type that is used. Polyester is usually combined with cotton in some of the linens sold today. Cotton and polyester offer a cheaper option for bedding.
Egyptian cotton offers the best luxurious bedding but you can also look for Pima cotton, which also has the same effect. Of course, these are a bit more expensive but I say they are worth it especially if you are after luxury and comfort. If you particularly like velvet then do consider these as they have that velvet softness that you can’t find anywhere else. Do not confine yourself to these only but look for other options – for example, try Tencel polyester-cotton sheets, which are also nice to touch.
Beyond the material, you need to consider the style. For example, are you interested in patterned bed linens? Think about this carefully before you make your final decision. You also need to take into consideration the look and feel of your bedroom and the planned accessories you intend to buy.
Bedding is sold as a set, which comes with different pieces. For example, you can get them as a single duvet cover sold together with a pillowcase, sheets, and some shams. Estimating the cost of this is quite difficult. I mean you can get one for just $12 and one for $300. So ideally if you are in search of best buys on linens you need to use some top comparison sites to help populate the different offers available online all at once.

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Master the Art of Fridge & Freezers With These Tips

Modern-day fridges and freezers come with a whole lot of features – “temperature management” systems, electronic controls that use an array of internal digital sensors to adjust settings for virtually every part of the fridge/freezer. Some have the advanced water filtration systems that dispense fresh, clean, filtered water and ice cubes. And mind you they come with child locks as well. Spill-proof and adjustable shelves, multiple storage compartments, special dispensing compartments and many more features make today’s fridges and freezers a dream come true. They are stylish as well. In different colours and stainless steel finishes, they can blend with almost any kitchen décor.
Check out on some of these Fridge Brands…

Samsung SRS536NP

This comes with ultra-high gloss VCM “Router” door exterior, adjustable tempered glass shelves, glide-out fruit and vegetable and chiller drawers, deep and tall bottle door storage bins and super energy efficiency

Samsung SRL550DW Refrigerator

Height: 1795mm, Width: 825mm, Depth: 685mm
This upside-down refrigerator brings eye-level accessibility to your kitchen. Partitioned freezer draws high humidity vegetable storage, easy twist ice maker tray, twin cooling system, colour varied exterior and user-friendly interior

Fisher & Paykel

Model No-E522BRE This one is the 519 litres Fisher and Paykel Frost Free upside down Elegance series two-door refrigerator.

Fisher & Paykel E521TRXEZ Refrigerator

Dimensions- Height: 1695mm, Width: 790mm, Depth: 703mm This one has the active smart system, with adjustable glass shelves, covered door shelves, the door for freezer and refrigerator. Half-width adjustable door shelves. Humidity controlled half-width crisper bins

LG GRB197WVS Side By Side Refrigerator

Height: 1750 mm, Width: 890 mm, Depth: 725 mm
It has a white VCM finish with silver handles, BioshieldTM, electronic temperature control with digital sensors, 100% CFC-free, interior lights, slide-out/spill stop shelves, snack corner.

Westinghouse BJ513VR

Height – 1720mm, Width – 790mm, Depth – 754mm.
Westinghouse frost free bottom mount, 510-litre refrigerator. It has a stainless steel fingerprint-resistant door finish with external electronic controls.

Discount fridges

Check out some discount on the Sub-Zero fridges- Dual refrigeration systems that offer clean airflow, the end result is fresher and longer-lasting food.

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Roller Blinds – the Safest Choice for You and Your Kitchen

Decorating any room requires a large amount of thought and consideration, and this is never truer than in the case of the kitchen. There are a number of safety risks in a kitchen that aren’t present in all the other rooms in the house, which means a number of other factors must be taken into consideration when purchasing window treatments.

Roller blinds are perhaps the safest choice when it comes to kitting out your kitchen. Whilst curtains are a very popular choice throughout most homes, they are simply impractical for use in a kitchen mostly due to the way they hang. The number of hot equipment and naked flames that could potentially be used in a kitchen means that there is a huge risk of curtains being blown into the path of a hot stove and catching fire.

On the contrary, roller blinds do not run this risk as they are securely fitted tight to a wall, meaning there is very little chance of them being blown around by a gust of wind. Similarly, they can be rolled up and raised totally out the way which means that any risk is 100% eliminated before it even has the chance to develop. This is also particularly handy when it comes to saving space.

If your kitchen is particularly compact, then roller blinds are a sensible choice as they can be rolled up and out of the way. Curtains, on the other hand, are thick and can protrude from a window – taking up a large amount of room.

It’s not unusual for families in smaller homes to double up their kitchen and use it as a dining room too. If this is the case, then window treatments are even more important than usual as they will need to be used to create the right mood and let the appropriate amount of lighting into the room.

There’s nothing worse than being absolutely blinded by sunlight whilst eating a meal, yet there’s something not quite right about eating without any natural light in a room. Roller blinds allow diners to control this and allow the perfect amount of light to seep into the room.

When decorating your windows, it’s extremely important to consider practicality as well as visual appeal. Whilst curtains may be up your street, they pose a wide range of risks in a kitchen that could prove to be costly. Roller blinds provide you with a much safer option and don’t take compromise the visual appeal of your windows either.

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Decoration for Walls

Do you want to add some excitement to your dreary walls? Want to brighten up your living room or den, liven up a bedroom or bath? How about adding some flair to your kitchen or office? You can do all of this and more with some simple do-it-yourself (DIY) wall treatments using easy-to-learn techniques.

DIY walls allow you to spend money you might normally spend on a decorator on tools and supplies to create great wall finishes instead. Rather than hiring a laborer, learn a few simple DIY techniques to help you dress up your walls.

As anyone who chooses a DIY  project instead of hiring a professional knows, the delight you feel from seeing your completed project is immeasurable.  Knowing you did it yourself will fill you with satisfaction every time you walk into the room. And DIY walls are one of the easiest places to begin revamping your home decor.

Consider your options

Paint: There are so many colors available and so many painting techniques that your choices are virtually unlimited. Paint the whole room, one wall, or even a diagonal half of a wall. Use pastels, brights, or anything any between.  And if you can’t find what you want, have your colors custom mixed. The sky is the limit!

Wallpaper: Again, you have many options to choose from including a top border around the whole room, or only on one or two walls; a border mid-way around the entire room, or every wall fully covered.  Use your imagination and make the room uniquely yours.

Wainscoting: This DIY option is a bit more challenging but very doable. You’ll need some low-tech carpentry skills, but you can find dozens of books to help you learn how to create and install wainscoting. And your friends will be so impressed when you’ve done it!

Faux Finishes What about a faux finish such as paint bamboo, brick, or paneling? There are unlimited options here as well. You’ll need some patience, and it may take some trial and error, but your walls will look like you hired an expensive decorator… when you did it all yourself!

Fabric: Ever thought of upholstering your walls? You can! Upholstery fabrics work best for this, but any durable fabric will work including denim, canvas, suede, or leather. You’ll probably want to limit this technique to only one wall or partial wall, but some people have used it for entire rooms with interesting results.

Vinyl Wall Art: This is a trendy technique of creating vinyl appliques out of ConTact paper that you attach to the wall. Create a variety of impressions, including a feeling of the outdoors, contemporary geographical designs, a more traditional effect, or even a bit of romance depending on the colors and shapes you select.

Silhouettes: Another trendy, though not necessarily new DIY wall technique is to fill one wall with silhouettes such as busts of Victorian women, or for a more country look, Amish figures Done with tape, labels, and black paint, this creates a dramatic point of interest in your room.

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Add Warmth to Your Home This Year

If you’re looking to change things up a bit this New Year, consider making some changes to your home. A new decorating scheme can add flair and warmth to your house, making it a space that relatives and friends can’t wait to spend time in. A few touches here and there will transform a home with little effort, letting you kick back and relax in your new space.

A warm and cosy home is an ideal way to make your living space inviting for both family and friends, particularly in the cold winter months following the New Year. You can add warmth to your home in a number of ways, from new accessories to appliances designed to insulate and heat.

For accessories, choose textiles in warm colours. Drapes are an instant way to give a room a facelift, and curtains in fabrics like velvet or faux suede add depth and a comfy feeling. Rugs, throw pillows and a soft blanket on the back of a sofa will add warmth without costing too much. Make sure to pay attention to the colours you choose, however. Look for reds, browns and deep purples. These shades are modern and stylish and create a warm vibe instantly.

For even more heat, choose appliances that bring a few summer climates indoors. This isn’t the case today, though. Electric heating systems come in a variety of chic designs that are meant to work with your décor and blend into space.

When combining warming accessories and appliances, make sure to spread the design throughout the home. Living rooms, bedrooms, even kitchens and bathrooms can all benefit from these tips. Start by layering elements throughout the home, like a pop of colour here and there that you want to incorporate. By working a little at a time, you can transform the entire house without putting forward too much time or effort.

Don’t forget lighting to add a soft touch to any space. Table lamps, chandeliers and other overhead lighting create an inviting feeling throughout the day, creating bright light in the morning and a dim glow in the evening. You can add small table lamps to any spot to warm it up, like on a console table or a countertop in a hall bathroom.

Whatever your design plan, make sure your home reflects your personal tastes and style. A home should show off your personality and be a welcoming place for you to come back to. With a bit of forethought and planning, you can use some simple tips to create a warm and inviting glow in your home. It’s the perfect way to kick off the New Year with a bit of design flair.