Color Code for Interior Decoration


You just bought a new house or a new apartment? Or do you simply want to redecorate your home? Discover the secret code colors for a friendly and harmonious interior. Remember above all that colors are generally ordered on a color wheel or color wheel containing all the colors of the visible spectrum. This is a graphical tool used to identify colors, opposites, and their families. There are four major families: red, yellow, green, and blue.

The red represents fire, heat, and power. It is a powerful color that does not go unnoticed: she brings friendliness and dynamism but can be stifling in the long run. On the opposite, it is blue, cold and calm. Blue offers greater peace of mind and encourages relaxation. A touch of blue also reflects intelligence and reflection.

Also in the same vein, yellow immediately next to the red represents joy, optimism, and activity. It is a light color is undoubtedly the gayest color of the color wheel. However, its different shades produce disparate effects. A pale yellow reflects the freshness and lightness of the spring while a much stronger yellow evokes energy, the hot sun. Green is the color of nature par excellence, he brought a sense of balance, freedom, and relaxation. Like yellow, green can be hot or cold.

The colors for each room however depend on your tastes, you can dress up any room in the color of your choice. Be aware that certain colors are generally accepted for some parts in the standard bases of the interior. Thus, the blue dress primarily the bedroom and the bathroom because of its calming influence. Red and its shades are for friendly locations including the dining room or the playroom.

A bedroom is often painted red to prevent the oppressive effect. Gay and tonic, light yellow suits any room, watch out for saturation. Green meanwhile marries both the dining room to the bathroom.

You now have the basic colors. Then simply add a few touches of additional colors to make the room a greater emphasis to taste. A touch of red can bring some warmth and vitality. A touch of blue is mainly used to cut a warm and soothing touch to slide. The friendliness and yellow bring cheer to all, while the green offers freedom and relaxation in the general atmosphere.

Black and white, they blend with every color and introduce certain sobriety. The pristine white representing light and hygiene is also ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.

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