Decoration for Walls

Decoration for Walls

Do you want to add some excitement to your dreary walls? Want to brighten up your living room or den, liven up a bedroom or bath? How about adding some flair to your kitchen or office? You can do all of this and more with some simple do-it-yourself (DIY) wall treatments using easy-to-learn techniques.

DIY walls allow you to spend money you might normally spend on a decorator on tools and supplies to create great wall finishes instead. Rather than hiring a laborer, learn a few simple DIY techniques to help you dress up your walls.

As anyone who chooses a DIY  project instead of hiring a professional knows, the delight you feel from seeing your completed project is immeasurable.  Knowing you did it yourself will fill you with satisfaction every time you walk into the room. And DIY walls are one of the easiest places to begin revamping your home decor.

Consider your options

Paint: There are so many colors available and so many painting techniques that your choices are virtually unlimited. Paint the whole room, one wall, or even a diagonal half of a wall. Use pastels, brights, or anything any between.  And if you can’t find what you want, have your colors custom mixed. The sky is the limit!

Wallpaper: Again, you have many options to choose from including a top border around the whole room, or only on one or two walls; a border mid-way around the entire room, or every wall fully covered.  Use your imagination and make the room uniquely yours.

Wainscoting: This DIY option is a bit more challenging but very doable. You’ll need some low-tech carpentry skills, but you can find dozens of books to help you learn how to create and install wainscoting. And your friends will be so impressed when you’ve done it!

Faux Finishes What about a faux finish such as paint bamboo, brick, or paneling? There are unlimited options here as well. You’ll need some patience, and it may take some trial and error, but your walls will look like you hired an expensive decorator… when you did it all yourself!

Fabric: Ever thought of upholstering your walls? You can! Upholstery fabrics work best for this, but any durable fabric will work including denim, canvas, suede, or leather. You’ll probably want to limit this technique to only one wall or partial wall, but some people have used it for entire rooms with interesting results.

Vinyl Wall Art: This is a trendy technique of creating vinyl appliques out of ConTact paper that you attach to the wall. Create a variety of impressions, including a feeling of the outdoors, contemporary geographical designs, a more traditional effect, or even a bit of romance depending on the colors and shapes you select.

Silhouettes: Another trendy, though not necessarily new DIY wall technique is to fill one wall with silhouettes such as busts of Victorian women, or for a more country look, Amish figures Done with tape, labels, and black paint, this creates a dramatic point of interest in your room.

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