Awesome Tips About Dishwahers From Unlikely Sources

Awesome Tips About Dishwahers From Unlikely Sources

Put in filthy baking dishes and plates into the dishwasher and watch them come out sparkling clean. This is not an ad that you have been watching on TV. Thanks to technology, today’s’ dishwashers know how to get rid of the dirt and grease from the dirtiest of dishes.

They come with features like interior xenon lighting, stainless steel interiors, nylon racks, a forced-air drying system, and sensors that can actually determine when the dishes are clean and when they need a little more work.

One of the latest dishwashers features a double drawer system that allows users to wash smaller loads of dishes in smaller amounts of time and space. You don’t need to accumulate a full load of dishes without wasting energy. There are plenty of new dishwashers in the market, check out some of these dishwasher brands.

Dishlex Dishwasher

12 Place Electronic – White – AAA, Model: DX302WJ
Height – 820 mm, Width – 595 mm, Depth – 575 mm. Noise Level – 48 dBa.

LG Dishwasher

Model: LD1415M
Height – 850 mm, Width – 600 mm, Depth – 600 mm. Weight – 52 Kg. Energy Consumption – 259 kWh/year. Water Consumption – 20 Litres. Noise – 49dB.

The unique Vario Washing System alternates the water between the upper and lower basket. Because only one spray arm is working, it supplies a more powerful water spray and reduces water and electricity consumption. It has an adjustable basket and hidden heater.


Wash Programs: 5 Electronic Controlled
Drying System: Static
Noise Level: 51 dB(A)
AQUASURE System: Drip Tray

Width (mm): 597 Height (mm): 820 Depth (mm): 596

Simpson Dishwasher

Model: 52B850WJ
Height – 820 mm, Width – 595 mm, Depth – 575 mm.
There are no electronic controls just the tried and proven basic rotary dial. This Australian made dishwasher can accommodate up to a 12 place dinner setting in one load, big enough to suit most average size Australian families.

Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher

Double DishDrawer – Stainless
Model: DD603SS
Height – 882.5 mm, Width – 600mm, Depth – 580mm, Service Hole – 50mm.
The unique roll-out drawers offer the same stress-free operation as opening a kitchen drawer. Three control buttons in the front panel let you turn the machine on, pause operation to add last-minute dishes or lock it so tiny hands cannot cause mischief. The unit is powered by the unique FandP SmartDrive motor, which is capable of infinite speeds up to 5000rpm. This drives a specially designed turbine impeller, incorporated directly into the spray arm increasing efficiency and water velocity

Westinghouse Dishwasher

12 Place 6 Program – Sensor – AAA
Model: SB925SJ
Height – 820 mm, Width – 595 mm, Depth – 570 mm. Noise level – 48 dBa.
SENSOR WASH: This senses dirt particle concentration in the water and adjusts wash cycles automatically to optimize wash results. Wash whatever you like in any load size and not worry about excessive use of water or energy. A safety hose connection that shuts off the water at the point of the tap ensures the cabinet does not overfill with water and eliminates any accidental flooding

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