How to Clean Concrete

How to Clean Concrete

Virtually everyone I know has concrete around their homes. Concrete paths, concrete driveways, and concrete floors in their carports or garages.

We park our cars (which regularly drop oil) on concrete, we store gardening equipment in our garages, the kids skateboard on the concrete, do chalk drawings and ride their bikes on concrete.

Every home in my street has a concrete driveway leading up to the front of their house.

Concrete is porous and has a bad habit of absorbing stains. Oil, rust, and dirt will accumulate on your exterior concrete surfaces and can spoil the vista of an otherwise pristine home.

So How to Clean Concrete?

Use a hard broom to sweep the loose debris off your concrete surface before you start cleaning.

Lightly spray the concrete with water. You don’t need to saturate the surface, just a light sprinkling of water will do. Then get out your favorite laundry booster product. Powders tend to work better than liquids, and you will want to use one that has an oxygen bleach in it.

Sprinkle some of the powder over the stained areas of your concrete and leave it for a while. The combination of the laundry soaker, the water, and time will do wonders for the oil stains and other marks on your concrete.

After about 30 minutes, go back out and lightly spray the area again with water. Then just scrub the stained areas with your hard broom. Once you have gone over the stained areas, you can use the residue of the soaker to lightly scrub the rest of the concrete.

Now, all that you need to do is to rinse off the residue with your hose. But do use a trigger spray head on the hose so that you can increase the pressure of the water flow – it is more effective and uses less water!

Now that you know how to clean concrete, the best tip I can give you is to clean it regularly.

If your car drops oil, cover the oil spot with kitty litter as soon as you notice it. Kitty litter will absorb most of the oil – providing the stain is still fresh – saving you more cleaning time later.

Sweep your concrete regularly to remove any debris that might cause stains over time.

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