The Time Saver Appliance You Must Have


The beginning of pressure cooking started back at the time of Napoleon Bonaparte who wanted to find a better method on how he can feed the troops working for him. Not everyone would have to cook for a huge group such as the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte but professional cooks and even at home who have to cook for a mid-sized group to a large audience would find the best pressure cooker as an efficient way of cooking.

You can enjoy your time with family and friends as you enjoy the delicious and quality foods you cooked. You will also have spent less time in the kitchen to prepare your meals so you’ll have more time to spend with your guests or family.

Pressure Cooker – The Time Saver Appliance

With a pressure cooker, preparing for your meal would only take a third of your time using the traditional method. Usual meals cooked with a pressure cooker include beef stew, whole chicken, baked yams, chili, roasted potatoes, brown rice, artichokes, black beans, pork, pot roast, and many others.

This type of cookware would save you on its energy consumption so eventually, the savings on electricity will pay for the price of the pressure cooker. According to Kuhn Rikon from a well known Swiss company that makes pressure cookers, he calculated the energy-saving costs of using a pressure cooker for cooking different meals compared to different methods of cooking and revealed that potentially with this type of cookware you can save about $300 from the energy costs each year when used weekly for 1 year. It is recommended, to save more on energy, to put the cooking set at low.

Aside from the savings you get both for your time and money, using this type of cookware will enhance your cooking in so many ways. It cooks food with less fat, has high retention of nutrients, the food is tastier as well and it’s easy to care for and it comes with different sizes and models with a range of prices available.

Get a stainless steel pressure cooker that has an encapsulated aluminum base so you get the advantage of the high conductivity and even heat offered by aluminum but the stainless steel covers it so it won’t expose the food to aluminum. Kuhn Rikon 7.4 is a good example of this type of safe pressure cooker.

If you only want to cook rice then a rice cooker would be ideal. Check for rice cooker ratings to find the best one that suits your needs.

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