Top 10 Best Rated Washing Machines Reviews

Top 10 Best Rated Washing Machines Reviews

Good housekeeping practices are very important in everyday life. These practices include the keeping of clothes and other laundry clean and hygienic which necessitates the need for a high-quality washer. In the current economy and architectural revolution, residential spaces are an issue of great concern, especially for the low and middle-level economies which makes top load washers the best choice for cramped spaces.

There are so many washers in the market and as much as it is important to find a high-quality top load washer, it is quite challenging especially for first-time buyers. Below is a comprehensive list of the most reliable top rated top load washers of all time; the best top loading washing machine reviews.

1. LG WT1101CW 4.1

LG products have always been known to hold the top spot among most models. The LG WT1101CW washer is one of the trendsetters when it comes to the best top load washers in 2015. With an Ultra-large 4.1 Cu. Ft. Capacity that allows the user to clean larger amounts of laundry in a single load, this washer actually helps a great deal in the saving of time, effort, water, and electricity.

Its Direct Drive Motor that comes with a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty is the most durable and powerful of its caliber, features that make this LG 4.1 top load washer among the most likable washers of all time.

Its sleek design gets rid of the normal chunky controls and has them replaced by an easy to use Front Control Panel with an LED Display for easier and better customization of the washer’s functionality. This washing machine makes use of the latest ColdWash Technology makes it the most high-efficiency top load washer while its 8 washing programs and its 5 temperature settings make it the most versatile of all large capacity washing machines. When compared to other top-loading washing machine reviews, this LG WT1101CW actually tops the list.

1. Samsung WA45H7000AW 4.5

Apart from its prowess in the manufacture of entertainment equipment, Samsung also has a high reputation when it comes to the manufacture of housekeeping appliances, without forgetting its incredible Samsung WA45H7000AW washing machine. This Samsung 4.5 top load washer features 9 wash cycles, 6 wash options, 5 temperature settings, 4 spin settings, and 3 soil settings. It also comes with 3 dispenser trays on board including the main wash, softener, and bleach dispensers.

Apart from the fact that this is among the front load or top load washer in the world, it also comes with an extra-large capacity of 4.5 Cu. Ft. which is large enough for residential use. It runs on a Direct Drive motor that rotates at 800 rpm, yet is very quiet, thanks to its Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) hence the best among other Samsung top load washer reviews.

Its Self-Clean technology helps eliminate the need for harsh chemicals in keeping the washer hygienic and fresh. The Samsung WA45H7000AW washing machine is definitely the best top loader washing machine in 2015 given the superb features and efficient yet excellent performance it offers its users.

3. LG WT5680HVA 5.0

Just like most LG washing machines, the LG WT5680HVA comes equipped with features that ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and safety at all times. Its 5.0 Cu. Ft. mega capacity NeveRust Stainless Steel laundry drum is large enough to accommodate approximately 3 standard laundry baskets. This LG 5.0 top load washer features 14 wash cycles, 15 wash options, and 5 temperature settings. Its

TurboWash technology that saves up to 20 minutes per load is among the properties that make the LG mega capacity WT5680HVA washer first among the top-loading washing machines in the market. It Steams washing options and its WaveForce technology ensures that out of all LG top load washer reviews, the WT5680HVA emerges as top among the best washing machines 2015. It also features a Dual LED display and a one-touch control panel for easier customization of this washer.

4. Samsung WA48H7400AW 4.8

A single glance at the Samsung WA48H7400AW shows a great deal of how much of a high-quality product it is. It comes with 11 wash cycles, 7 wash options, 4 spin settings, 5 temperature settings, and 3 soil settings, all of which make this Samsung washer a very versatile unit. It also comes with 3 dispenser trays; the softener, bleach, and main wash dispensers. It’s AquaJet Technology ensures the perfect clean and rinse while its Self-Clean option helps keep the washer clean and hygienic without the use of harsh chemicals.

It also features the Smart Care technology that allows diagnosis and customization of the washer from your smartphone which places it above the rest of Samsung’s top load washers. A look at the Samsung washer and dryer reviews shows a great improvement of the Samsung WA48H7400AW model which makes it the best top load washing machine.

5. LG WT4970CW Waveforce 4.5

The LG WT4970CW washing machine is among the few washers that ensure a perfect job while still saving electricity and water. It features a large laundry drum capacity of 4.5 Cu. Ft which allows faster and more effective and efficient washing. This LG Waveforce Washer has 8 wash cycles inclusive of the Tub Clean which allows for full customizability of the cycle. Its 6Motion Technology gives each wash cycle 6 distinct wash motions for better performance.

It also comes with the TrueBalance Technology and the Vibration Reduction Technology for quiet operation. This LG top load washing machine also features the WaveForce Technology for a much better clean and rinse of the laundry. Like most top load washer reviews, this washer has countless advantages, but it beats even the washers considered as the best top loading washing machines by afar.

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