Carpet Cleaning by Professionals

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Clean carpets are the key to a comfortable home. Even with careful care of the carpet, stains, dirt, and dust accumulate on it. It is necessary to carry out professional carpet cleaning glasgow from time to time. It will not only restore the original appearance of the carpet, but will also protect the residents of the house or apartment. There are several types of commercial carpet cleaning services glasgow.

Dry cleaning

The most common method is dry cleaning. The carpet is immersed in a special liquid with a solvent. After 20-30 minutes, the impurities begin to disappear. The carpet base is cleaned of dust, dirt, grease, traces of food, coffee, tea and alcohol. The degree of moisture reaches 5-10%.

The peculiarity of dry carpet cleaning rutherglen lies in the detergent composition. Small sponges absorb all the dirt. The final stage is a vacuum cleaner. Carpets made of wool or natural pile can only be washed in this way.

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Cleaning with extractors

It is the most effective way to clean textiles. Detergents completely dissolve stains and dirt. After treatment with a vacuum cleaner, the surface remains almost dry. After 1.5 hours, the carpet product can be returned to the owners.

During cleaning, a steam cleaner treats the surface, dissolves dirt and enters the device. This method is not suitable for all carpets; there is a risk of damaging the product, for example, oriental rugs glasgow should be cleaned another way.

Water cleaning

Most companies have included water cleaning in their list of services. Its peculiarity is the refusal of aggressive detergents. The gentle detergent is applied with special brushes, which help to thoroughly clean the carpet from dirt.

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But you can choose the method that is most suitable for your carpet. Each of these variants is effective, but you need to take into account the characteristics of the material and manufacturing.