How to Sort Garbage – Rules for Separate Waste Collection

person separate rubbish
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Organizing the collection and sorting of waste at home is a responsible decision that allows you to preserve the environment. But before that, it’s worth understanding what belongs to plastic or waste paper when separating waste to 3 compartment bin.

Why organize separate waste collection at home?

In the modern world, there are problems that push for the need to sort garbage. According to classification, waste is divided into categories:

  • hardness;
  • origin;
  • recycling options;
  • possibilities of application.
bin with compartments
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Organizing sorting is the basis for efficient recycling. At a minimum, it helps reduce the number of landfills where household waste “lies idle.” After separation, only a small part of the waste will be thrown into the container. The rest will go to city collection points for reuse or recycling.

The advantages of waste sorting include:

  • transition to rational consumption;
  • environmental conservation and restoration;
  • reducing the percentage of spontaneous landfills.

Where to begin

Don’t go to extremes by trying to sort your garbage correctly. It’s better to start small, gradually forming a simple and convenient scheme:

Find out how the local system is organized. In large cities, different types of garbage containers (similar ones are sold in SONGMICS) have become commonplace, while in others waste is still thrown into one bin. In the second case, you will have to find a point that accepts recyclable materials for processing.

separated waste bins
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Select for yourself the categories of waste that you will take to collection points. Thus, food waste can be processed into compost, and waste paper and glass can be donated.

Start organizing a separate waste storage system.  Train yourself to immediately wash, dry or reduce the volume of recycled materials. For example, metal cans can be crushed.

You should not store waste in your apartment. Keep your home clean by promptly disposing of garbage using the chosen methods.