Professional Services For Your Clothes

Professional Services For Your Clothes
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It is a far cry from the days when clothes were washed by hands. There is a washing machine in every house and apartment now. Nevertheless, the services of dry cleaners are in demand more and more every day. The fact is that a professional dry cleaning service will allow your clothes to stay as new for a long time. Bulky clothes are difficult to put in a washing machine and wash off qualitatively. What can you say about the old stains, which are almost impossible to remove on their own? Professionals in this case use dry cleaning, and stains of any origin are easily removed.

use dry cleaning
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Currently, it is not necessary to carry clothes and other items yourself. Now it’s enough to make a request “dry cleaners near me”, collect the stuff for dry cleaning, contact the nearest branch through the website or mobile app, a driver will come to you and pick up clothes. After carrying out all the necessary procedures, your clean clothes return to you in one piece.

Such services are available to any resident, which saves time and effort. You get a discount on the first order. After making an application, they call you back, consult and clarify the details. It is especially convenient to use dry cleaning with free delivery.

Dry cleaning provides a wide range of services. Find below some of them:

  • cleaning of underwear and outerwear;
  • dry cleaning of curtains;
  • cleaning of soft toys;

    cleaning of soft toys
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  • cleaning duvets and pillows;
  • cleaning of leather accessories;
  • shoe repair;
  • alteration service (perfect fitting of clothers).

Now the dry cleaning method is very popular. If the stains are already ingrained, it will be better to use this type of cleaning.