How to Use Artificial Turf Correctly

artificial grass close
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Synthetic turf is a covering made of unnatural materials that mimics the natural green cover. The coating device is a pile fibre. It can have a different level of stiffness of the fibres. According to the artificial grass installation companies, this level depends on the material from which the lawn is made.

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Artificial grass environmental benefits are as follows.

  • The coating can perform various functions on your site. Sometimes it is installed temporarily as artificial grass for events. For example, artificial grass for weddings. In this case, it makes the appearance of the site more aesthetic and gives colours to the atmosphere. Sometimes the lawn is used as an artificial grass design on the territory near a private house.
  • Fake grass is used as an item of artificial grass landscaping ideas. Sometimes only certain sections of the garden are filled with it.
  • Artificial grass infill materials were created about half a century ago. They are similar in structure to carpet and are successfully used not only in closed areas, but also in the open air, which is possible thanks to artificial grass UV resistance.
  • The bottom layer of the product is created in order to provide artificial grass drainage systems. It also provides the coating with durability.
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  • Artificial grass durability. The coating remains presentable for at least five years.
  • Easy artificial grass installation process. You can do it on your own. Still, opt for artificial grass professional installation in complicated cases.
  • Artificial grass eco-friendly quality.
  • Fake grass is resistant to mechanical influences. Artificial grass texture variations are also possible.
  • There are no complicated principles of artificial grass lawn care. You can do everything yourself. Just learn some artificial grass maintenance tips.
  • There are landscape variations of artificial grass colour options.

Artificial turf is regularly applied in combination with garden tiles on paths and passages between sections of the site. In addition to the street, there is also a floor covering, which is used in the apartment to create a lawn carpet.