Stylish Item in The Interior

person near garbage bin
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Songmics bin is a modern, comfortable and hygienic way of collecting and disposing of garbage. Such wastebaskets are designed to be technological and stylish. Have you ever thought that a trash can can become an independent part of an expensive interior? Designers have made this a reality.

SONGMICS pedal bins deservedly belong to the goods of the premium segment.

The sensations of using them are very different for the better compared to conventional pedal buckets. The peculiarity of these pedal buckets is the smooth and silent opening of the lid.

garbage bin model
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Bins with a pedal are made of high-quality steel. To choose from, the range includes options with a matte and glossy body. The matte case is made using steel painted with powder enamel, and the glossy case is made of brushed steel. Both types of cases of these buckets are very durable and unpretentious in care.

A large selection body designs make it easy to choose exactly the model of the pedal bucket that fits your interior. And different volume options are designed for optimal selection according to the amount of garbage that you dispose of per day. The more people in the family or employees in the office, the more the basket is needed in terms of volume. In small-volume models, you can use plastic bags from the store, and in large ones – garbage bags. Thanks to the bag retainer, you can use the bucket with great comfort.

The lid fits snugly to the body and provides protection against the spread of smell.

metal bin
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It is also very convenient to use a pedal bucket in the office. The maximum volumes of buckets are perfect for installation in the dining areas of large firms or fast food restaurants.

Several models of waste baskets are equipped with a double container for separate waste collection.

If you are used to choosing only the best equipment and want to get maximum comfort from using it, a bucket with a pedal will be an excellent choice instead of the usual trash basket.