Wooden Accessory for Your Windows

Wooden Accessory for Your Windows
Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

If you need to choose shutters for the interior in the style of country, eco or classic, you can decide on wooden shutter blinds.

Wooden shutter blinds are not cheap, but they do not lose their popularity in the design of houses and apartments. Why? It’s simple:  the structures have a solid, noble appearance. And natural wood creates a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Wooden or bamboo blinds fit into any interior and decorate it, effectively protecting it from light. Lamellas made of wood do not overheat, which means they do not increase the temperature in the room. In addition, they are durable and hygienic.

Wooden or bamboo blinds
Image by vonmango from Pixabay

Blinds made of wood can be both vertical and horizontal. It all depends on your taste and convenience of opening the window. To preserve the proportions in the room, we recommend choosing the width of the slats in proportion to the size of the window (the larger window is, the wider shutter blinds are).

Shutters management

Before shutters installation, think about how you will manage them.

Shutters can be controlled in the following ways:

  • Manual control. Use canes, chains and ropes.
  • Remote control provides with an electric drive, buttons and control panels.
  • The “smart home” system to open and close the shutters at a pre-configured time without human intervention.

Shutters care

Shutters care
Image by Simon Kadula from Pixabay

Whatever blinds you choose, the care of vertical or horizontal lamellas is very simple: it is enough to wipe the surface with a dry cloth or vacuum with a special nozzle. The only drawback of wooden structures is the high cost, justified by the price of the source material. But this problem is easily solved, because you can order plastic blinds for wood, which, thanks to a special coating, will completely resemble the color and texture of wood, while the option will be very budget-friendly.

Enjoy creating a cosy interior of your home!