The Trash Can is an Integral Part of Your Comfort Stay at Home

person holding trash can
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A trash can, it would seem, is not such an important part of the interior and does not attract your attention until you need to throw something away. But even using it, we make movements mechanically. However, if the bucket is chosen correctly, for example, on SONGMICS, it looks stylish and perfectly complements the decor. You will also clearly notice that if throwing out garbage causes inconvenience. That is why it is worth paying enough attention to the trash can along with other items that provide a comfortable life. What item to choose?

person using trash cans
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Design and color

Plastic models are distinguished by a wide variety of design solutions. All kinds of shades: from traditional red, white, gold to turquoise, pale pink, ivory. On many you can find drawings and inscriptions. Models are made in various stylistic designs. They can become a real decoration of the room.

Metal rubbish bin is not as varied, but are often painted in bright colors. Suitable for almost any interior, and chrome surfaces look very stylish.


The shape of the trash container has almost no effect on its capacity. Manufacturers strive to make their containers compact so that they do not take up too much space.

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The choice should be made based on your preferences:

  • The most common form of buckets. Convenient, simply built into furniture. Baskets, urns, and kitchen models are often round;
  • Not as popular as round ones, but also comfortable to use;
  • Suitable for convenient placement near walls. This shape is most typical for tanks and kitchen models;
  • Very popular on the market due to the possibility of placement in corners.

When making a choice, rely on individual needs.