Usage and Cleaning of Your Home Infrared Sauna

person in sauna
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The whole process of using an infrared sauna can be divided into 3 stages: preparatory, main and final.


At the first stage, you should prepare your home infrared sauna for the session and prepare yourself. First, it is necessary to raise the air temperature inside the cabin to 35°C and heat up the heaters to operating temperature. This will take 7-10 minutes. To warm up the cabin, there is an automatic function on the control panel “Warming up” when pressed, which will automatically warm up the cabin and announce the end with an audible signal. During the warming up of the cabin, you can also prepare yourself: go to the bathroom, prepare two towels, wash off cosmetics, etc.
man walking into infrared sauna
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The second stage, the actual adoption of the thermal procedure, is described in detail in recommendations to the sauna you have bought.


The third stage of using home sauna is to take a warm shower and relax. A warm shower helps to wash away all the toxins that have left the body with sweat, and rest helps restore normal blood circulation and muscle tone. This stage is no less important than the main one, since the functioning of the body returns to normal.
woman walking into infrared sauna
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How to clean it

Although the infrared sauna has bactericidal properties, however, it also needs to be cleaned of hair, skin particles, and dust. Ordinary detergents and a brush cope with this. If you want to clean the sauna more thoroughly, use a vinegar solution and abrasive paper. Try not to use chemical fresheners, they can be easily replaced with natural natural scents such as lemon, mint, etc.
Only using the sauna correctly, following all the recommendations and properly cleaning it, you can enjoy all the delights of this infrared miracle.